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Mitchell Leach

Mitchell Leach

Mitchell is the editor and producer of Mom Guilt podcast, That's a Good Question, and Live Leadership. He also hosts, produces, and edits his Retireing and Aspiring podcast on the Resound Podcast Network.
Mitchell and his wife Elizabeth (co-host of the Mom Guilt podcast) live in Hudsonville, Michigan, and have three children.

Job Description
Community Pastor
Peace Church
Retiring and Aspiring
Kuyper College
Image by Chris Nguyen

Most Recent Content

What Do I Do With My Guilt?
What Do I Do With My Guilt?
Offensive Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare feels inconsistent. At least it does in my life. It’s not every day that I feel the attacks of Satan and his forces. It is so inconsistent that I get lulled into a false sense of security...

Drawing the Line of Legalism

My kids are bad artists. It is a hard thing to say, but as I step back from my emotional connection to my kids and their art, and critically look at what they’ve made, it’s not good. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing better...

Reflection on Psalm 137

This is easily one of the hardest Psalms to read and say, “this is the word of the Lord.” When reading psalms it's important to...

Can we trust the Council of Nicaea?

It may be surprising to the average churchgoer that, the council that produced one of the most well-known creeds of the early church and...

If God Is Sovereign, Why Pray?

What is Sin?

If I were to ask someone at random from any church in America, “What is sin?” I’m not confident that I would get a full definition. It would be easier to ask someone to name some sins. This we can do well, but defining what sin...

Why You Should Know About the Fourth Lateran Council?

“The what?” You might rightly ask. Hardly anyone — unless you’re a huge nerd like me — has heard of this weirdlysounding council. "Why is...

Can unbelievers understand and interpret the Bible?

While biblical interpretation — in the technical sense — can be done well by anyone it fails to faithfully interpret the text holistically.

How is Man Made Right With God?

Is God Able To Forgive Sin Without The Cross?

Could God the Father have forgiven sin without Jesus dying on the cross? Would it have been possible for God to do this? God’s righteousness means that God always acts in accordance with what is right and ...

How Did Jesus Understand Scripture?

This may be a question you’ve never asked before but it’s extremely important to understanding Jesus, the Old Testament, and God’s...

Say “What If?” And Not “If Only”

Discover how to transform leadership regrets into proactive strategies with "What If Not If Only."

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