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Shannon Popkin

Shannon Hopkins

I’m happy to be sharing life with Ken, who makes me laugh every day. Together we have the joy of watching our three young adult children become the amazing people God created them to be. We also have two adorable Shih Tzu’s, who—unlike the kids, have no plans of moving out.
In 2021, I celebrated my fiftieth birthday and twenty-fifth anniversary, and my request from my family was the above photo, taken not too far from where we live at Holland State Park in West Michigan. Ken and I are enjoying are newly empty nest, but we love having all three kids close by. He and I are members of Crossroads Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI.
As an author and speaker, I love combining my gifts for humor and storytelling with my passion for Jesus and the truth of God’s Word. I speak for ladies’ events, retreats, and conferences, and I host the Live Like It’s True Podcast. My latest book is Comparison Girl, published by Kregel (visit to learn more).
I’ve had the privilege of being featured on FamilyLife Today, Revive Our Hearts, The Gospel Coalition, Proverbs 31, and other ministries. I also had the joy contributing as a blogger at Revive Our Hearts for many years.

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Author & Podcast Host
Live Like It's True Podcast
Live Like It's True
Image by Chris Nguyen

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