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Sermon Discussion Questions



Sunday, March 3, 2024


Ephesians 6:15

Polarizing Division Vs. Gospel Peace  



Main Idea:

The Gospel makes us ready to bring peace in a polarized world.

Sermon Outline:

1. Gives us what we stand in and on. (v15a)
2. Makes us ready to face the world. (v15b)
3. Brings us back home. (v15c)



1. What about this sermon challenged your worldview?
2. Have you been praying for Peace Church and its leaders during this series?



Reflect on the list of divisive issues mentioned in the sermon (gun laws, climate change, abortion, etc.). Which of these topics do you find most challenging to discuss with others who hold opposite views, and why? How can the Gospel guide us in these conversations?

The sermon highlights the growing polarization in American politics and its correlation with people's views on social and policy issues. How does identifying primarily as an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, rather than by political affiliation, change the way we engage with the world and its issues?

The main idea of the sermon is that the Gospel makes us ready to bring peace in a polarized world. Discuss how the Gospel equips us to be peacemakers. What are practical ways we can embody the gospel of peace in our interactions with others, especially those with whom we disagree?

Ephesians 6:15 discusses the "readiness given by the gospel of peace" as part of the spiritual armor. In the context of the sermon, how does this piece of armor help Christians withstand the spiritual battles behind cultural and political wars? Share examples from your own life or observations.

Considering the sermon's emphasis on the Gospel's role in bringing peace to a polarized world, what are some specific actions or commitments we can make as individuals and as a group to bring the message of peace into divisive environments? How can we support each other in these efforts?

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