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Sermon Discussion Questions



Sunday, February 18, 2024


Ephesians 6:10-13

Present Darkness vs. Spiritual Strength



Main Idea:

We need the whole armor of God if we are to stand strong.

Sermon Outline:

1. We need to be all in because the enemy is all in (vs 10-11)
2. We need the right perspective to identify the true enemy (vs 12)
3. We need the whole armor for the whole battle (vs 13)



What do you think of when you think about spiritual warfare?
What kind of things stuck out to you in the sermon that you’d like to address further?



In the sermon, Ryan said “The Devil has a specific strategy for you. He doesn’t use cookie-cutter strategies.” How does this impact your perspective on how you must fight?

How does knowing our enemy change how we operate in the world around us?

After hearing this sermon and reading this passage of scripture, who is God calling you to love that you wouldn’t naturally love? How will you put on the armor this week?

When Jesus went to the cross he was most likely crucified naked in our place. How does Jesus’ death allow us to be able to put on the armor of God?

How does the Gospel connect to putting on the armor of God? In light of this, how will you respond in worship?

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