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Sermon Discussion Questions



Sunday, July 7, 2024

It Had To Be Said

Mark 8:31-38

Take Up Your Cross



Main Idea:

Jesus' disciples follow the way of the cross, not the way of the world

Sermon Outline:

1. Save It vs Lose It (vv34-35)
2. The World vs Your Soul (vv36-37)
3. Shame before God vs Shame before People (v38)



Can you share a moment in your life when you had to make a difficult decision that went against popular opinion or societal norms? What was the outcome?



1. Read Mark 8:31-38. What did Jesus predict about His own future in verse 31? How did this differ from the common expectations of the Messiah at the time?
2. How does Peter’s reaction in verses 32-33 highlight a common misunderstanding about the nature of Jesus’ mission?
3. In what ways does Jesus’ call to “deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me” (v. 34) challenge contemporary values of self-fulfillment and personal success?
4. What does it mean to “gain the whole world but forfeit your soul” (v. 36)? Can you think of examples where this principle is evident in today’s society?
5. Reflect on a time when following Jesus required you to deny yourself or make a sacrifice. How did you respond, and what was the outcome?
6. What are some “crosses” you might be called to bear in your daily life? How can you find strength and encouragement in these challenges?

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