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Sermon Discussion Questions



Sunday, March 24, 2024

Yes And Amen

Matthew 20:29-34

Yes and Amen to the Promise of Mercy



Main Idea:

Jesus, our triumphant king, is God's yes and amen to the promise of mercy

Sermon Outline:

1. Broken or blinded by sin we need to see our need for mercy (29-30)
2. Rejected or reviled by people we still need to seek the mercy of Jesus (31)
3. Busy or burdened to mission, Jesus will stop to show us mercy (32-34)



1. What questions do you have when you, either heard this message and/or read this passage?
2. How do you celebrate Holy Week? What does it mean to you and your family?



1. In which areas of your life do you think sin blinds you? (If you're not sure ask your spouse or a close friend)
2. In Matthew 20:30 & 31 the blind men call out to the Son of David. What is the significance of this (read 2 Samuel 7)?
3. Our world tells us that we're not "blind," and that we're good. Like the crowds, when the world tries to silence us, what should be our response?
4. In this passage we see that God isn't too busy for the blind men. With what thing - this week - do you need to trust that God isn't too buys for you?

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