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Sermon Discussion Questions



Sunday, June 9, 2024

It Had To Be Said

John 4:15-26

I Am He | The Woman at the Well, pt. 2 of



Main Idea:

Jesus Reveals He Is the Christ

Sermon Outline:

1. Jesus sees the sinner's hurt (v15-18)
2. Jesus reveals the sinner's heart (v19-22)
3. Jesus is the sinner's hope (w23-26)



1. What about this message challenged you? What about this message encouraged you?
2. What would be good questions to ask when reading this passage?



Personal Reflection on Sin: Jesus calls out the Samaritan woman's sin directly. How would you react if your own sin was revealed to you in such a manner? How do you think it would affect your relationship with Jesus?

Understanding Jesus’ Identity: Read John 8:56-58. How do these verses help us understand who Jesus is and His claim of divinity? How does this shape your view of Jesus?

Worshiping in Spirit: Read Romans 8:15. What does this verse teach us about what it means to worship "in the spirit"? How can we incorporate this understanding into our daily worship practices?

Worshiping in Truth: Read Psalm 145:18 and John 11:25-26. How do these passages illustrate what it means to worship "in truth"? How can these truths influence our worship and everyday life?

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