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What We Believe


Statements of Faith

All content on Resound will align with one of the following statements of historic Christian faith. 

  • The Second London Confession

  • Three Forms of Unity

  • The Westminster Catechisms and Confessions

The Bible

We believe that the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are inerrant (without error) in their original manuscripts. We believe in verbal plenary inspiration, meaning that all the words of Scripture were inspired by God. The Bible is true and is the highest authority for life and faith.

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The Gospel

We believe that human beings are born into sin, fall short of God’s perfect standard, and that this sin is deserving of eternal death. We believe that Jesus Christ came to live the perfect life of righteousness that we couldn’t live, die the death for sin that we deserved to die, and rose to new life so that all who put their faith in Him can have new life as well. We believe in penal substitutionary atonement, meaning that Jesus bore our penalty as our substitute in order to atone for our sin. 


We align with the theology of the Reformation, holding to salvation by grace alone, through Christ alone, by faith alone, to the glory of God alone, and the ultimate authority of Scripture alone. We also affirm the sovereignty of God over all things in creation and salvation

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Image by Nycholas Benaia


We believe God created human beings male and female and that God made men and women equal in value, yet distinct in role. God has given both men and women extraordinary gifts for ministry, but has called men into unique roles of Christ-like leadership in the home and in the church.


We believe God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman for life, and for sex to remain within such a marriage. Although there are many temptations in this world, we believe sex outside of such a marriage to be sin. Those living in sin should turn to Christ with faith and repentance, receive God’s forgiveness, and come to live according to God’s good design.

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Image by Markus Spiske


We believe God created Adam and Eve in his own image and that they were the first two humans on the earth from whom all other humans descended. We believe Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan, disobeyed God, and that all human beings thereafter were born into sin and need a savior. 

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