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Stephanie Delger

Stephanie Delger

Stephanie is the co-host of Mom Guilt, a podcast on the Resound Podcast Network. She and her husband Jon (host of That's a Good Question) live in Hastings, Michigan, and have four children.

Job Description
Podcast Host
Mom Guilt Podcast
Mom Guilt
Image by Chris Nguyen

Most Recent Content

When Mother’s Day Hurts

Encouragement for those who face Mother’s Day with a heavy heart, offering a message of resilience and hope.

Saved From What?

Bearing the Burden and Beauty

Our job was and is, to be like a mirror. The job of a mirror is not to draw attention to itself, but to reflect an image. Just like a mirror, our job as human beings is not to call attention to ourselves, but rather to reflect...

Grace in the Gap

Baking Up Easter Joy

From Ketchup Stains to Salvation

Does what I do really matter? How can picking up Cheerios off the floor for the third time today really make a difference in eternity? Being the mother to my four children is one of the best, hardest, and...

Divine Discipline or Unfair Treatment?

Redefining Helpmate In Marriage

We can hear God’s design in the Bible, and yet when it comes time to work itself out in our lives, we think that there must have been some mistake and perhaps we misunderstood or read something wrong...

When Hope Fades

My husband and I were so excited to see that light pink line on the pregnancy test! We were having a baby! We couldn’t contain our...

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