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Mitchell Leach

Teaching or Concealing?

An exploration of the complexity in Jesus’ parables and His reasons behind them.

If God Is Sovereign, Why Pray?

Exploring the Relationship Between Prayer and God's Divine Plan

Drawing the Line of Legalism

Exploring the Delicate Balance Between Law and Love

Is God Able To Forgive Sin Without The Cross?

Exploring the Necessity of Christ's Sacrifice

Why You Should Know About the Fourth Lateran Council?

The Council that Set the Roman Catholic Church Towards its Departure from Orthodoxy

Can we trust the Council of Nicaea?

Examining the Myths about the Council of Nicaea

Offensive Spiritual Warfare

Shifting from Defense to Attack in the Realm of Spiritual Battles

How is Man Made Right With God?

Understanding Grace Through Romans 3:21-26

What is Sin?

A Raw Look at Sin and Unraveling Its Complexities

Reflection on Psalm 137

Understanding an Imprecatory (or Cursing) Psalm

How Did Jesus Understand Scripture?

Jesus' View of the Old Testament Scripture

Can unbelievers understand and interpret the Bible?

The Role of the Holy Spirit and Worship in Interpretation

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