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Jon Delger

Jon Delger

Jon is the host of That's a Good Question, a podcast on the Resound Podcast network.
Jon and his wife Stephanie (co-host of the Mom Guilt podcast) live in Hastings, Michigan, and have four children.

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Jon Delger

Take Up Your Cross
Take Up Your Cross
What Defiles A Person?
What Defiles A Person?
Why Church Membership

How To Conduct Staff Reviews

Is There a Line?

Disagreement on core beliefs? Dealbreaker. Secondary issues? Tricky. Tertiary? Let's chat. Church hiring: a tightrope walk between unity and diversity.

What is Justification?

As you are studying the Bible, you will eventually come across some big words that you don’t use in everyday conversation. Justification...

Beyond the Heart

Maybe you’ve been asked the question before - “have you made a profession of faith?” Maybe you are part of a church where occasionally people stand up front and “profess their faith.” What does it mean to make a profession of...

How To Create A Church Budget

What kind of counseling should you expect from your pastor?

You’re looking for counseling. You want a Christian perspective. Who better to ask than your pastor? However, you know that your pastor...

Delegation Without Guilt

Pastors, church leaders, and church boards know that they can’t do it all, but how do they delegate important work to others without...

Why Do We Baptize Babies?

What is Baptism? In order to understand why we would baptize babies, we first need to understand baptism itself. In order to understand baptism, we first need to understand a major theme of the Bible — covenant...

What is Covenant Theology?

Covenant Theology is a way of understanding the complete story of the Bible from beginning to end, including how the old and new testaments fit together.

Four Steps to Manageable Sermon-Writing

It’s Monday morning. You have to preach on Sunday morning. How do you get from here to there without waiting for that lightning-strike...

What is Sanctification?

Discover the true meaning of sanctification in this enlightening blog post. Explore the process of being made holy and growing in Christ

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