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Secret Blog

Beyond Bluey

Stephanie Delger

Navigating the traps of comparison in parenting with wisdom from Scripture.

Why Church Membership

Jon Delger

Understanding the Biblical Foundations of Church Membership

Grace in the Gap

Stephanie Delger

Embracing Weakness as a Testament of Faith in Motherhood

Blessed Are the Mothers

Mitchell Leach

Gospel Grace For Moms on Mother's Day

Teaching or Concealing?

Mitchell Leach

An exploration of the complexity in Jesus’ parables and His reasons behind them.

When Mother’s Day Hurts

Stephanie Delger

To the Grieving Mom on Mother’s Day

Avoiding Confusion: Practice Putting It in Writing

Nate Harney

Clear Written Communication Prevents Misunderstandings in Ministry

Beyond the Sunday Best

Mitchell Leach

Analyzing Biblical and Cultural Guidelines for Hats in Worship
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